Moonlight Musings

                                     Sleepy eyes that seek

                          to gaze upon his face,

                     in search of features common

                  to our species.

                Turning ’round about

              or twisted right side up,

            intent on piecing all the parts

           in proper order.

          Finding first an eye,

          a nose not quite in line,

          at last a gaping toothless mouth.

          “Do you see him?”


          Starry eyes that long

          for lovers’ golden wish,

          in hope of wedded rapture

          with one’s sweetheart.

          Wrapped in tangled press

          or spread on grassy knoll,

          determined to explore the touch                                     

         of Cupid’s pinprick.

          Yielding to desire,

          as nature overrides,

          ’til last love’s torrid embers wane.

          “Do you love me?”


          Faulty eyes that strain

          at length to understand,

          the mysteries of the heavens

          and life’s journey.

           Softly seated rest

            or propped by arm and cane,

              eager to unfold the secret

                  of God’s Omega.

                    Angels in the clouds,

                       a chariot of stars,

                            when ‘last blind hope replaced by faith.

                                 “Do you believe?”