Black Athletes

Seeds of Spartan fathers –
planted in the vineyards of love …
nurtured from the rains of Mother
roots of rebirth,
blossoms of beauty,
flowers of fortune.

Gems of Amazon mothers –
adorned in a veneer of ebony …
polished ill the ways of Kunta-land:
pearls of pride,
jewels of justice,
diamonds of destiny.

Born of Hamite stock –
suckled at the fountain of hope …
modeled after strengths of yesteryear:
daring of Harriet Tubman,
spirit of Sojourner Truth,
conviction of Frederick Douglass.

Fruits from nature’s orchard –
plucked from the branches of life …
preserved along the ‘passage’ of
food for fashion,
treats of pleasure,
banquets for gluttons.

Heirs to a mighty legacy –
descendants of warrior kings …
children of a greater god:
trustees of time.
executors of excellence,
beneficiaries of Blackness.