Startin’ Off (2 years old)

Gittin’ bo’n … ain’t no big thang.
Matta-a-fack, jist ‘bout ev’rybuddy
I knows is done it.
Trouble is didn’t git no choice, coudn’t pick mah parents,had no say wheah I’d be bo’n.
didn’t ass me what ‘lijun I wan’ed,
wasn’t ev’n giv’n a choice ta be a boy ur girl.
Prob’bly be cawed a lib’ral, conservative, or
sumthin’ … wit’out mah say so.
Sur ‘nuf gutta awful lotta things
giv’n ta me that I ain’t sure I wants,
and that’s what’s causin’ me so much tr’uble.
Bein’ born black sur ain’t mah first choice…in a lotta ways.
Not faultin’ mah folks – ain’t they fault,
jist tha way thangs go – I guess.
Trut is this black skin they gave me
ain’t liked by a lotta people.