Playful sunrise
peers sheepishly through
yawning continental shutters
into drowsy-eyed kitchens, spraying
atomic flashes of blinding brilliance, covering
droopy eyelids behind slow motion hand gestures, hovering
curiously over mugs of steam-ladened Colombian,
scanning ceramic mini-plates of cinnamon
sprinkled brown-toast, searching
for pleasant places to flit
and frolic and dance the
Early-Riser’s Jig.

wedge their way through
veiled translucent shades into
well appointed family rooms, spreading
ultraviolet coverlets of penetrating lightrays,
uncovering miniature webs of undetectable lint-clusters,
betraying demarcation cleaning lines arrested beneath
slightly raised furnishings, discovering kitty-cat
toys carefully hidden from human-like eyes,
seeking out silent nooks and crannies
in which to sneak and snoop and
expose a dustmaid’s shame.

Shameless sunset
stares boldly through
yet undrawn window blinds into
slumber-ready bedrooms, scattering long,
faded streams of crimson-coated twilight, invading
fresh-scented wardrobes of laced transparent lingerie,
scanning ornament-crested vanity tops blanketed with
fancy-shaped perfume jars, revealing dishevelled
printed counterpanes, still lumpy with human
presence, plundering personal privacy of
unsuspecting lovers and early
retiring seniors.