Lest Youth Forget

In Flanders Fields where poppies grow,
lay heroes brave, I did not know.
For at the time when they saw morn
o’er no man’s land, I was not born.

Yet those who were, expect of me
to ne’er forget, “they kept us free!”
As generations long have passed,
how can I their commitment grasp.

So let me in my youthful way,
remember him who died today.
Whose name I know, whose face L see,
whose words and ways are known to me.

For those who die in Kandahar,
Kuwait, Baghdad and lands afar.
Somalia and the Sinai,
fresh in the minds of those as I.

Now when I bow in silent prayer
and think. of those no longer here.
I’ll not break faith with those I knew,
for now I feel the same as you.

A Remembrance Day Poem for Youth!