On The Road To Kandahar

The price of PEACE is costly
on the road to Kandahar,
for soldiers wearing Maple Leaf
dispatched from land afar.
In aid of peasant people
caught up in civil war,
with home and health
and basic need –
restored as once before.
Mistaken for invaders
by those who would defend,
their homeland and their kinfolk,
until the bitter end.
From land mines, shell and mortar
and snares beyond belief,
the life-blood of O’Canada…
runs red as Maple Leaf.
So loss of life continues
as each day passes by,
more mothers, wives, and sweethearts
re-echo: “Why? Lord Why?”
What’s right or wrong –
to stay or go?
There is no certain
way to know.
But, comes the time
when all is done
and each will boast
as having won;
someone may say
now that it’s ceased –
“How do we cost
the price of PEACE?”