A Little Boy Saves the Day

A Little Boy Saves The Day
First Person – Unabridged
(John Chapter 6, Verses 1-12)

Mother…father, come quickly and her of what happened to me today! You won’t believe it! No mother, I am not injured and I’m not in any trouble. I’m just excited!

It was the most remarkable thing that has ever happened to me. Everybody who was at the gathering patted me on the top of my head and are so proud of me. I am the most popular kid around!

The reason they are so proud of me is because they were all fed by my simple lunch of five barley loaves and two little fish. Imagine! Everybody was saying, “you are such a wise young man,” and also “we are grateful to you for brining a meal to the gathering.”

What a day this has been for me! Mother, your decision to bake some barley loaves and to fry up two small fish for me to take to the gathering, in case I got hungry, was a terrific idea. And, you will recall how I complained that the few loaves you gave me at first were not enough, so you added three more to make it five. You also said that there were only two small fish left, so that would have to do.

And you, father agreed with me that a few extra loaves wouldn’t be a bad idea, since I was a growing boy. Well, I can tell you both that you made this day….the very best ever. Let me tell you all about it.

Just as you told me, I followed the multitude of believers and followers of Jesus up into the mountains beside Galilee Sea. I heard Him speak very clearly, because the older people let us kids set up near the front so we could see better.

Well, after some time, the multitude became hungry, but no one had brought food, as they did not expect to stay away from their homes for so many hours. As well, because we were up on the mountain side, there was no place to purchase food or drink. It looked really bad for everyone.

Fortunately for me mother, you foresaw that I might get hungry, you gave me those five barely loaves and the two fish. Now, when Jesus’ companions asked who had food and how much did they have? I was the only one who had come prepared. So, I offered my meal to them and they passed it to Jesus. Now you re not going to believe this!

After commanding everybody to sit down, He took that little lunch of mine, blessed it and gave thanks, after which He broke it into small pieces and gave it to His companions, who in turn, passed it out to that great multitude of people, of which there were five thousand men, plus women and children. How is that possible? I still can’;t figure it out! After all, I could have comfortably eaten that meal all by myself. But, they were all fed and full to satisfaction. Wow!

Even stranger still was that, Jesus’ companions gathered up twelve baskets of left over food when the eating was over. Twelve baskets…from five barley loaves and two small fish! How is that possible?

If that isn’t a miracle, I don’t know what is! Jesus must truly be the Holy Son of God…the Christ, to do something like that! I’m so glad that I went to hear Him. And now, I am the most popular boy around. Yippee!

If Jesus is still here tomorrow, can I go to listen to Him again, and will you make me another lunch of barley loaves and fish? Please!