He’s The Captain

Is your life all tossed and tortured, like a ship…upon the sea?
Do you feel like you are sinking, ‘neath the waves…of misery?
Why not call upon the Master – pray, “Please let the storm subside.”
He will save you from the peril – safe with Him you will abide.

He’s the Captain of the lighthouse, ever watchful tried and true.
He’s the warning sign of danger, sent to save both me and you.
He will be your Special Pilot, guide you through that harbour shoal.
Bring you safely up to Heaven, where the streets are paved with gold.

Do you find some times you’re drifting, off the course that you have set?
Seems your sails are not correcting, danger shreds your safety net.
Though you try to get your bearings; but the tide just flows too strong.
Send a message up to Heaven, precious help will not be long.